South Florida Tax, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration, and Business Transaction Attorney

Rumbak Law, P.A., led by attorney Neil I. Rumbak, is a Boca Raton tax, asset protection, estate planning, probate and trust administration, and business law firm.

Neil strives to reduce his clients’ tax liabilities and minimize any intrusion into his clients’ lives due to disputes with the IRS.

He also seeks to minimize or eliminate the invasiveness and expenses associated with probate, guardianship, and other judicial proceedings.  In doing so, he seeks to provide his clients, not judges, courts, or the law, maximum control over their affairs. Throughout this process, his goal is to effect smooth transfers of property with minimal family conflict.

In addition, whenever possible, Neil uses the law to protect his clients’ assets from frivolous creditors.

Finally, Neil aims to provide businesses with effective advice and documentation so that their transactions are handled in an efficient and thorough manner.

All client matters are handled in the strictest of confidence.

Rumbak Law represents, with regard to Florida law and federal tax matters, people and small businesses throughout Florida, nationally, and internationally.